What Can Be Done To Have More Time For Exercise

Mar 30 2020 Exercise Now

The primary reason that people give for not exercising is the lack of time, but what can create more time for this important activity? For me, and perhaps for you as well, there are some “bad” habits that can reduce free time and make it difficult to find the necessary time to take care of our bodies as we should. There is a video that highlights seven habits that can reduce productivity and, by recognizing and addressing them, we can help find the time necessary to exercise as we should.     A summary, along with time stamps of the...

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Fifteen Foods That Help Fight Heart Disease

Mar 30 2020

Exercise is important but diet also plays a major role in maintaining our health and wellness. In the United States, one of the biggest concerns is heart disease.  Based on CDC data, heart disease leads to 23.5% of total deaths. So what can be eaten to reduce heart disease? There is a video about heart disease that makes some excellent suggestions.     The foods listed in the video are below but make sure that you look at the video for all the details. Avocado - 0:49 Pomegranate - 0:59 Green Tea - 1:14 Broccoli - 1:38 Greens - 2:06...

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Science Based Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Mar 30 2020 Diet Tips Lose Belly Fat

There are a lot of reasons to exercise – general well-being, improved mental capabilities, reduced chance of cancer – but the primary reason for many people is the reduction in belly fat. We recently saw a video that did a great job outlining helpful tips to keep in mind if losing belly fat is your goal.An outline of the highlights of the video are shown below along with time tags of when he discusses certain points.   Primary tips: 1:48 – High intensity exercise: This will help mobilize the fat to be burned2:08 – Additional exercise after initial workout: Follow...

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How To Start Intermittent Fasting and Some of The Reasons Why?

Nov 07 2019 Fasting

One of the things that we wanted to do with the blogs on this site is not only offer information about exercise equipment but provide information that helps with general health and wellness.  Over the last 18 months since it has been necessary to be more concerned about my health, one of the primary practices that contributes to health that has been mentioned many times is intermittent fasting (IF) or fasting for extended times of a day - for example 12, 16, or 20 hours.  There are benefits that many have seen like weight loss.  However, eating less is not always...

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What are the benefits of fasting and how long should you do it?

Nov 06 2019 Fasting

Want to overcome health issues or lose weight - perhaps fasting can help.  However, how long should you fast?

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Why Is Exercise So Underrated?

Nov 06 2019 Exercise Now

Did you know all the benefits of exercise for your brain?  Read to find out more now.

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