Getting back into a fitness routine

Getting back into a fitness routine

Feb 26 2019 Weight Loss

Lots of tips in this post for when you want to get back into a fitness routine after life events shake up your consistency.

Hey, guys! How’s your morning going? P is home sick from school she got a cold after a solid week of horrible sleep from failed sleep structure plans so we’re taking it easy. I’m getting some work stuff done while she relaxes and watches a movie, and am in the middle of Valentine’s Day insanity over here. Liv has a lot of kids in the class this year, so if you need me, I’ll be under a pile of card stock and chocolate hearts. I’m so excited that we started Home Workout Warrior LIVE this morning! It’s not too late to grab the workouts and meal plans here. 

For today’s post, I thought we could chat a bit about getting back in the swing of workouts when something throws you off. For me, a couple of things that happened lately that shuffled the routine. P had the flu and I was able to catch a couple of quick Peloton workouts while she was napping but took the rest of the week off and when we traveled to Florida and Valdosta to pick up the Pilot.

I think I ended up taking 6 days or a whole week off. It was a while and It happened again this past week. Since we’re trying to get our kiddos’ sleeping habits figured out, a lot of our days were spent taking turns napping instead of hitting the gym. I feel like, during times like these, it can be really easy to let it fall out of a habit and slip down the priority ladder.

Most of you know my take on sustainable fitness goals. Keeping things fresh and fun is huge, but consistency is key (even if you just sneak in a quick workout at home). But what do you do when something happens that kicks you out of your routine? What if it’s more than just a couple days? Life has a habit of derailing our best-laid fitness plans. Just about everyone has experienced an injury, had to buckle down for finals, or deal with another type of major life event that consumes virtually every free minute.

So, how do you rekindle that old’ workout/healthy eating flame? It can be so tough, especially if you feel that you’ve lost the progress that you worked for so long to achieve. That's just one more day of not going to the gym, right?

Often times we focus too much on waiting until our lives are perfect to start an ideal fitness regiment. As much as I love the goal of consistency, I also feel like it can sometimes hinder us from hitting the gym. It feels almost pointless if you know your schedule will be thrown off in a couple of days by something else. As difficult as it can be to rest or skip a workout when needed, make sure to honor your body by allowing it to heal per your doctor’s advice, or knock out your test (or whatever huge event is happening!), and then just go to gym even if you’re not sure when you have the chance to go again. Take that first step to eat a meal that’ll give you a little more energy, and do it today.

Afterward, you’ll instantly start to feel a little better about the stress in your life. Next time, maybe you take 30 minutes to knock out a quick workout video while your kiddo naps. The key is to show yourself grace and restart your routine the next chance you get. Even if you’re not able to stay extremely consistent, at least for that day, you got some endorphins and took time to take care of yourself.

It all starts with that one moment of motivation, and that spark always seems to come a little easier if you’re better rested, feeling more organized, and working towards a goal. I highly recommend using a planner to help break down your day, list out what you need to get done, and maybe save the next episode of your favorite Netflix show for tomorrow. It’s so hard to do this but you’ll thank yourself in the morning. If all that fails, maybe set aside little extra money for a new workout outfit. Sometimes nothing gets you going to the gym like some new gear.