Science Based Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Science Based Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Mar 30 2020 Diet Tips Lose Belly Fat

There are a lot of reasons to exercise – general well-being, improved mental capabilities, reduced chance of cancer – but the primary reason for many people is the reduction in belly fat. We recently saw a video that did a great job outlining helpful tips to keep in mind if losing belly fat is your goal.

An outline of the highlights of the video are shown below along with time tags of when he discusses certain points.


Primary tips:

1:48 – High intensity exercise: This will help mobilize the fat to be burned
2:08 – Additional exercise after initial workout: Follow up training with additional cardio or full-body interval training.
2:17 – Maintain calorie deficit: By burning more calories then you eat will encourage fat burning.

Additional ideas mentioned:

2:42 – Improve diet
4:22 – Determine the best meal plan which is a good diet you can stick to long term.
7:04 – Incorporate progressive strength training to burn extra fat.


Personally, the improved diet is one that has worked for me in that I have been doing intermittent fasting – 16/8 – for almost two years and it has been very helpful in contributing to my weight loss. What about you - what do you think of these tips? Has one of these tips been useful for you?