Set your 2019 fitness resolutions for success

Set your 2019 fitness resolutions for success

Mar 05 2019 Weight Loss

It’s that time of year when we vow to get our health back on track. Losing weight and getting healthy are two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but despite good intentions, only a small percentage of us reach our goals.

Making a resolution is the great first step, but to succeed you need a detailed blueprint, some positive thinking, and a stick-to-it mindset. A lasting change means the accumulation of small positive steps. Here’s how to reach success this coming year:

  1. Choose something fun. If your fitness goals become chores, they're much harder to accomplish. Find ways to make fitness fun. Join a group cycling class or functional training group. Find a place to swim or play pick-up basketball. Get outside to cross-country ski if there's snow on the ground. Set monthly distance and time goals for the treadmill. Mixing up the routine makes working out fun.
  2. Encourage yourself with what has worked in the past. Before you put your 2019 resolutions down on paper or type them in your phone, take some time to think about what you did right in 2018. What progress did you make on your fitness goals? What can you continue or build upon? When you remember the positive, you gain confidence and motivation.
  3. Get specific with your resolutions. “Lose weight” isn't specific enough. A smart resolution is “lose 20 pounds in the first six months of the year” or "put in six miles on the treadmill each week." The more specific you are with your goals, the sharper your focus will be to get them done.
  4. See the big picture. Fitness success doesn't happen overnight. It's a process. Realizing that from the start can eliminate early frustration. Commit to the long haul from the get-go and you'll appreciate the small gains more because you'll realize they all add up to big changes.
  5. Have a plan. Once you know your fitness resolutions, decide the best way to make them happen. If one of your resolutions is to, “build strength and firm up your body” as yourself how you're going to make it happen and by when. Will you go to a group class? Do circuits on selectorized machines? Use your body weight? How many times a week will you devote to building muscle? Get your detailed plan in print so you can follow it.
  6. Enlist a partner. Having a partner helps you reach your health goals in two ways. First, working out with a friend or significant other can make workouts more enjoyable. Second, accountability is a big motivator. Having someone push you on days when you don't feel like being active makes a big difference.

    Make some better resolutions this year by targeting the fitness and health goals that matter to you most and make them happen. If you have some success early in the year, let the momentum propel you to continue through your best year yet.