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How To Start Intermittent Fasting and Some of The Reasons Why?

Nov 07 2019 Fasting

One of the things that we wanted to do with the blogs on this site is not only offer information about exercise equipment but provide information that helps with general health and wellness.  Over the last 18 months since it has been necessary to be more concerned about my health, one of the primary practices that contributes to health that has been mentioned many times is intermittent fasting (IF) or fasting for extended times of a day - for example 12, 16, or 20 hours.  There are benefits that many have seen like weight loss.  However, eating less is not always...

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What are the benefits of fasting and how long should you do it?

Nov 06 2019 Fasting

Want to overcome health issues or lose weight - perhaps fasting can help.  However, how long should you fast?

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