What Can Be Done To Have More Time For Exercise

What Can Be Done To Have More Time For Exercise

Mar 30 2020 Exercise Now

The primary reason that people give for not exercising is the lack of time, but what can create more time for this important activity? For me, and perhaps for you as well, there are some “bad” habits that can reduce free time and make it difficult to find the necessary time to take care of our bodies as we should. There is a video that highlights seven habits that can reduce productivity and, by recognizing and addressing them, we can help find the time necessary to exercise as we should.



A summary, along with time stamps of the video, are shown below.

  1. Not planning your day - 0:46
  2. Not having self-discipline - 1:47
  3. Sleeping in too often - 2:24
  4. Wasting time online - 3:01
  5. Not prioritizing - 3:57
  6. Complaining - 4:33
  7. Letting the fear of failure stop you from success - 5:10

Can you think of another bad habit that should be added to the list?