Endurance Upright Bike

Brand: Body Solid Fitness

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With a light commercial rating the B5U is perfect for most homes and clubs. The ergonomic handlebar combines with the heavy gauge steel frame to replicate a true road cycling experience. The B5U offers advanced programs providing workout variety and keeping your workouts fresh and interesting. The advanced heart rate control programs provide the ultimate in personalized programming as the bike reacts to the users heart rate. Key feedback gives users advanced workout information. The easy to navigate touch screen console has a modern look while accessing all programming and feedback. The B5U is also self-generating, requiring no external power supply. As you pedal you create the energy to power the easy to navigate touch screen display.




  • The B5U bike series redefines the workout experience with the 8” integrated LCD touch screen.This innovative design allows users to instantly access the 11 exercise programs available including 5 heart rate programs. The B5U console maintains easy- to –reach resistance controls for immediate comfort along with time, distance, calorie and heart rate readouts.


  • Endurance’s Tri-phase generator eliminates a need for outside power for easy placement and mobility in any facility worldwide. The B5U bike possesses 16 consistent levels of resistance cater to beginners up to the most experienced riders.

Heart-Rate Programs:

  • The B5U HR programs cover the entire spectrum of heart rate technology. From the popular Target Heart Rate program to the Interval program, users of all fitness levels can select their desired training zone or move the user through a target heart rate zone.(telemetry requires chest strap)

Multi-Grip Handlebars:

  • The B5U handlebars are designed for users looking to replicate a road cycling experience. The B5U handlebars provide a wide range of hand positions to accommodate all users. Handlebars are also used for stability when getting on and off the bike.

Durafirm Seat:

  • The B5U seat with custom shaping and extra support are designed for long rides. A combination of high and low density provides long term durability with the comfort that the most advanced riders demand. The two way adjustable seat ensures any size user a comfortable fit.

Heart Rate Monitor:

  • The B5U heart rate sensors feature dual sensor plates for more precise contact readings. This is especially useful for users with soft pulses (in hands)that generally experience lower pulse readouts.


  • Premium pedals with straps are engineered for extended use. Pedals are spaced appropriately for correct alignment of the hips, knees and ankles thus reducing potential injuries.

Transport Handles:

  • With their thick heavy frames and self generating power supply, the B5 bikes can be easily transported using the large transport handles. Easy mobility with the integrated transport wheels allows users to situate the bike in any setting.

Hand Held Device Storage:

  • This small ledge is a convenient holder for electronic devices including phones, I-pods, tablets and small books.

Water Bottle Storage:

  • Hydration is critical to every workout. Water bottle holders on each side can also double as storage for portable devices and accessories.



  • Dimensions: 63”H x 26”W x 59”L , 150lbs
  • Self Generating Power
  • Commercial Rated
  • Touch screen display
  • Advanced HRC programs



Assembled Weight: 150lb / 68.04kg
Assembled Dimensions: Length - 59.00in / 1,498.60mm Width - 26.00in / 660.40mm Height - 63.00in/1,600.20mm