J6800 Ultra High Performance Deep Tissue Japanese Designed 4 D Massage Chair

Brand: Johnson Wellness

  • $4,999.99

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The Johnson Wellness J6800 4D massage chair delivers an elevated level of deep tissue massage above and beyond what is expected. It is easy to see a world of difference between the J6800 and that of a standard massage chair. A standard massage mechanism only allows movement of the massage rollers from left to right and top to bottom. A 3D massage mechanism adds additional movement allowing the massage rollers to move forward and backward pressing into the user creating a deeper, stronger message. The advanced Johnson Wellness 4D massage mechanism takes a 3D mechanism further by allowing the massage rollers to adjust their rhythm and pressure mid-technique. This advanced 4D movement provides a more lifelike, precise and natural massage experience to the user. The 4D mechanism is versatile for many users because of its ability to increase or decrease how much pressure is applied to the muscles. Because style and functionality is important to many users, the J6800’s foot and calf massage unit easily flips to an ottoman or tucks away flat from view. This space-saving feature provides an aesthetically pleasing view when the chair is not in use. Increase your relaxation experience further by streaming music from your phone, tablet or MP3 player through the J6800’s audio system.

The speakers are embedded on each side of your head creating a beautiful sound zone that you can enjoy while not disturbing others. The audio features on the J6800 don't end there you can press the “Music” program while streaming your music and have fun synching your massage experience to the rhythms of your music. Customizing your massage experience is made even easier because the J6800 allows you to store up to three user profiles for every massage program. Total body comfort is also our focus as the J6800’s armrests move in tandem with the backrest to keep your arms comfortable in the reclined position. Experience the highly advanced 4D massage of the J6800 today!


  • Ultra High-Performance Deep Tissue Japanese Designed 4D Massage Robot Capable of 46 Japanese Massage Techniques
  • 31 LLDPE “rapid response” air-bags
  • 3 years all inclusive warranty - A premium quality warranty for a premium quality chair
  • Reversible Multi-Functional Heated Ottoman
  • the heated back pad that can function as a handwarmer too
  • auto-recline armrests w/ fingertip controls Speakers and "Music Synch"
  • 11 auto-courses
  • 3 profile User memory capable of saving up to 33 variation
  • 11 point auto body scan